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Comment from: Elizabeth


I think you are really on to something - that sometimes there is ‘too much of a good thing’ and it replace the more important things of community, family, and personal growth, with ‘bigger better deal’ syndrome, or of being in a rush to get some ‘predetermined destination’ such that one forgets to enjoy the journey on the way there. And that the powers that be seem to be more into red tape than real community building. Good post!

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From Alex Mill (apparently my blog system gave him some trouble so I post on his behalf

The best example of transforming a community was one that I witnessed first hand in a small community called Kantolomba in Zambia, Africa. I have included a link for you to read a step-by-step blog that was written over many years which demonstrates how this transformation occurred. It you stick with it from beginning to end, it will be illuminating and the process is replicable regardless of the content or location you are attempting to produce the change. It all begins with compassion, love, and community. I hope it is helpful to you:

In lovingkindness,
Alex Mill

11/13/13 @ 18:24