Boktai 2 downloadable events

Boktai 2 includes special events that could be downloaded from "Joy Spots" in Japan using the GBA wireless adapter. Joy Spots were never available outside of Japan, and the in-game option to download those events was either hidden in western releases. However, the events themselves are fully intact and have even been translated.

The following events are available and can be activated using a cheating device or a memory editor, by setting the halfword at the specified address to the specified value:

Event Memory address (halfword) Value
Blindbox Lv. 3 0x030016d8 0x8e67
Blindbox Lv. 4 0x030016da 0x8faa
Blindbox Lv. 5 + valentine's day 0x030016dc 0x90e0
Something has happened to ???'s body 0x030016de 0x8fd6

Most of these refer to ???, who must be rescued from the optional dungeon "House of Time" first. The valentine's day event will only be triggered on a February 14th (obviously).

The memory range 0x030016c0-0x030016e8 is loaded from the save file at byte offsets 0x00-0x28, so the events can also be activated by modifying the save data instead.

Hidden download menu option

The menu option to download events was hidden in western releases, but the code still exists in the ROM. To access the download data menu in the US version, open the "Link" menu, and set the byte at address 0x020018ba to 1. The cursor will become hidden, and the help text will say "You can get data delivery using a Wireless Adapter." press A to start the data download. This then requires a wireless adapter and a Joy Spot-like device connecting to it.

Updated 2023-11-18: Added hidden download menu option.

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