Boktai charset

Boktai uses a multi-byte encoding for text. Bytes 0x20-0x7f are (almost) identical to ASCII. Bytes 0x80+ are the first byte of a two-byte sequence. Two-byte sequences are used for special characters, and Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji in the Japanese games.

Additionally, Boktai 1 contains at least two unused characters. 0x8000 looks like a squished MATHEMATICAL DOUBLE-STRUCK CAPITAL X (U+1D54F). 0x8100 looks like a cat face. It is unknown if there are further unused characters.

Unused characters in the Boktai 1 font
Game Charset
🇺🇸 Boktai 1 (U) Link
🇯🇵 Boktai 3 (J) Link (unofficial translation patch)

TODO: Check byte 0x1f in both US and EU versions.

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