Azure Sky Tower emblem manipulation

Here's how to force a specific emblem when entering Azure Sky Tower for the first time. These steps assume that you do not already have one of the Earth/Cloud/Frost/Fire emblems in your inventory. Other emblems should not affect anything.

  1. Enter AST exterior and watch the short cutscene with Otenko.
  2. Leave, save & quit, and reload the save.
  3. Enter and exit the AST exterior as many times as indicated in the table below.
  4. Finally, enter AST exterior one last time, clear the fire and ice, and go inside. You will receive the emblem you wanted.
Emblem Enter & exit cycles
Earth 0
Cloud 1
Frost 5
Fire 14

For the fire emblem, you may alternatively use 2 bombs, wait for the bomb explosions to fully despawn, and then do 2 enter/exit cycles.

Demonstration with the frost emblem:


The emblem you get is decided at the start of the cutscene that gives you the emblem, and is derived from the RNG. Both soft and hard resets set the RNG to a fixed value (837). Clearing the ice and fire outside does advance RNG, but always by a fixed amount.

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