My GBI setup

I use the following hardware for console GBA speedruns:

I use the Game Boy Interface speedrunning edition with the "high-definition televisions" configuration from the wiki. I added 10Hz turbo (for Golden Sun speedrunning), and the sRGB color profile:


The high-fidelity edition does not create great results on my hardware. Either the capture is only 30 fps instead of 60 fps (with the 720i settings), or my PC monitor does not scale the image to the full display size (with the "video capture devices" settings). I assume these problems can be resolved with a better monitor and a better capture card. For now the speedrunning edition is good enough.

Retro-Bit Prism setup

OBS setup

I use lanczos scaling instead of point, because point creates nasty artifacts. Probably a combination of cheap capture card and the fractional zoom in the GBI settings.

This is how these settings look in OBS:

Example screenshot

Updated 2024-03-14: Updated controller and UV flashlight.
Updated 2023-12-19: Switch to GBI speedrunning edition.
Updated 2023-12-06: Add further analysis of the 30 fps capture issue with the 720i settings.

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