djinn menu optimizer

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Pick your game:
Start state. One adept per line. The first word is the adept's name, the remaining words are the equipped djinns:
Goal state. Same rules as "Start state" (must also include the adept names). Additionally, you can use the words "Venus", "Mercury", "Mars", "Jupiter" to require an arbitrary Djinn of that element.
Advanced options
What are "swaps", "moves", and "flips"?
Swaps: Amount of Djinn swaps, Moves: Amount of D-Pad inputs (GBA) or stylus movement distance squared (DD), Flips: Amount of page flips between front and back party.
What is "cost"?
Cost is a linear combination of swaps/moves/flips. This value is what the optimizer attempts to minimize.
The instructions in the solutions are wrong; Djinn X is in slot 2, not in slot 3.
This is a known issue with how the solution is displayed. When the solution is printed out, it considers the "None" (or "Give") slots to always exist. This is purely a visual bug, the cost calculation is correct.